Electric Water Heaters

ELCO, the sole Greek manufacturer of electric water heaters in the last 50 years in Greece, the first manufacturer that implemented and continues to improve the innovative GLASS enamel coating procedure -the name ELCO DURO GLASS is its manifest-and the only one that possesses the experience and the know-how to invent and apply innovative technologies, is proud to introduce the new series of ELCO TITAN & ELCO DURO GLASS electric water heaters.
Fully designed with the use of Computer Aided Design programs (CAD), ELCO electric water heaters are manufactured on a completely automated production line and undergo quality inspections in all three phases of the production process. The high manufacturing quality base on European standards and ISO 9001:200 quality specifications ensures that ELCO electric water heater will have great longevity as well as absolutely safe operation.
Moreover the ELCO TITAN external temperature control enables you to adjust the desired water temperature according to both the season and your neads for even better performance and lower energy consumption.
Thus, ELCO electric water heaters, the top selling water heaters in Greece, remain to be your most reliable choice which guarantees you the safest and most economical operation so that you can indulge in your every day routine with peace of mind.

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