Solar Water Ηeaters

The ELCO SOL-TECH S2 solar water heaters combine the new BLUE TITANIUM selective collectors which literally attract the sun rays, with the best storage tank, thus maximizing the output of even the weakest solar radiation.
ELCO has been the only Greek manufacturer of electric water heaters in Greece over the past 60 years. It's the only one that has implemented and continues to improve its GLASS enamelling method in its water heaters. Due to its incomparable experience and know-how, ELCO continues to invent and apply innovative technologies as in its new line of solar water heaters,  ELCO SOL-TECH S2.
Since a solar water heater consists of a collector and of a storage tank, the quality of the storage tank is of immense importance, so that the maximum efficiency and longetivity of the application is ensured.
For this reason, the ELCO storage tank has been designed using Computer Aided Design programs (CAD) and its production process is fully automated. The superb production quality is attained by the use of materials of special specifications and by quality inspections in all three phases of the production process. The know-how, the quality control inspections and the use of special raw materials ensure the theoretically unlimited life span of the storage tank as well as its completely safe operation.
The ELCO SO-TECH S2 solar water heaters, manufactured with the assurance, the reliability and the experience of the ELCO brand, will supply you with hot water, even on cloudy days, for many years!

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