Refrigerators & Combis

ELCO Refrigerators & Combis: For freshness... without an expiry date!

ELCO comprises on of the main Greek household electical appliance manufacturing companies. Having ben designing and manufacturing top quality products for over 50 years, we now come to create the new preservation concept: The new ELCO refigerators and combis, which keep perishable foods fresh longer!
Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology of No Frost refigeration and dynamic refrigeration, ELCO refigerators and combis have come to create the best conditions for the continuous preservationof your perishables.
This way, you can enjoy them as fresh and nutritious as they were when you bought them!
At the same time, as an aesthetics prototype, the new ELCO refigerators and combis blend in with every contemporary kitchen, combing soft lines, rounded cornres and stainless steel doors, all of which give your area a sense of luxury.
The new ELCO refrigerators and combis are the mostadvanced and reliable solution for the preservation of your perishables. By choosing the model that suits you better, you choose technology, aesthetics and freshness... without an expiry date

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